I am alive!!!
written at 8:20 p.m. on 2005-10-12

Well it's been a gorram long time since I wrote in here!!! I think it was because I got so pissed off with it all not working properley, that I just avoided going on it. I'm gonna have to get Kim to help me sort it all out so that it'll actually work. I got the main problems sorted out with my computer, the new hard drive is working happily (I hope, I really don't want it to die again) and my screen resolution is back to the lovely 1024 x 768, much easier to see pages now.

Well anyway, since the last time I wrote pretty much nothing has happened, just work, work, work. But I have 2 days left this week then I'm off for two weeks and I can't bloody wait. I will be sorting out my room in that time though, mainly tidying up and putting up lots of new posters. I mean lots too, I have stacks of the buggers to go up!!!

Until the next time I write I shall be trying to sort out this gorram diary!!!

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